Consulting and executing interior design projects for private use, commercial spaces and luxury hotels.

With our strong know-how orientated towards originality and innovation, we create turnkey projects down to every last detail, corresponding at every level to the wishes and sensibilities of our clients.

The objective is to achieve,  with our teams of professionals, excellent quality in terms of harmonious volumes, selected materials, finishing, comfort, state-of-the-art technology (integrated illumination) and home automation.

In brief, to create unique spaces which are genuinely warm, where well-being and fluidity are a priority, so that your property touches all of your five senses and evokes comfort and pleasure.



450 m2 in a building designed
by Charles Lefebvre, architect
of Hotel Royal Monceau in Paris

Rehabilitation and interior design

Small Palace from 1900 renovated by Tobia Scarpa in 1989

Barcelona: Interior design

Penthouse of 150 m2 with Sea View

Barcelona: Interior design

Pied-à-terre of 60 m² in a 1960s building

Brussels: Interior design

Property in the South of Spain

Heritage property development

PROJECTS EXECUTED: Spain (Madrid, Costa Brava, Barcelona) / The Balearic’s / Andorra / Greece / Italy (Tuscany, Capri) / Mexico / Belgium / France (Paris, French Riviera) / USA (Los Angeles)