Known for her works using subtle alchemical mixtures based on acetate, resin and pigments, it is in the colour and the texture, the transparency and the profound that Carla Tarruella excels, in organic subjects just like in her portraits, and always with an air of the unknown that keeps us intrigued.

Gifted in particular for the «mise en scène», she works large formats with an innate sense of aesthetics and a beautiful strength that never fails to seduce us.

151 cm x 151 cm x 2,4 cm
Oil, resin and paper


263 cm x 164 cm x 4 cm
Acetate, oil and methacrylate

168 cm x 137 cm x 4 cm
Resin, acetate, pigments and iron

Tempera, acetate and methacrylate
161 cm x 130 cm x 2,6 cm

Tempera, acetate and resin
141 cm x 131 cm

Tempera, acetate and methacrylate
263 cm x 164 cm x 4 cm